Meet Me On The Road!!!
More Detailed Infos and venues will be announced soon!

22nd Feb / 7th March – Brazilian Shows and BlueCrawfish Records New Album

30th March / 15th April – Luca Giordano Band Tour (shows will be announced soon)

20th April / 23rd April – JJ Thames & Luca Giordano Band 

May / June – Quique Gomez & Luca Giordano 

6th / 23rd July – Mighty Mo Rodgers Band 

25th July / 6th August – Crystal Thomas Band  

10th / 27th August – Leon Beal & Luca Giordano Band 

4th / 8th October – Sax Gordon & Luca Giordano Band

2nd / 19th November – JJ Thames & Luca Giordano Band