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Starting from today, if you want to know more about Luca Giordano Band tours, projects and news, please subscribe to Luca Giordano Band Facebook Page A partire da oggi, per restare informati circa nuovi tour, progetti e news della Luca Giordano Band, vi preghiamo di iscrivervi a Luca Giordano Band […]

Luca Giordano Band Page

Ill be very happy to be guest for my friend and awesome guitar player Mr Martin Burguez on 8th and 9th March 2019. Born in Uruguay, and resident in Argentina, Martin Burguez is an amazing blues guitar man with many influences around the jazz and swing world, and I had […]

Martin Burguez in Italy

CLICK HERE TO SEE ALL THE VIDEO I PUT ON YOUTUBECiao a tutti, mi sembrava utile postare un articolo con il link ai miei video sul canale youtube, non sono tutti (anzi direi che sono molto poco rispetto a quelli che si trovano in giro e che sono stati caricati […]

Where is my youtube channel

Singer, guitarist, and songwriter, Jimmy Burns is a contemporary bluesman who combines his Delta roots with R&B and soul to come up with a sound uniquely his own. Burns is a charismatic performer with an expressive, soulful, voice and a melodic guitar style to match.

With Jimmy Burns