Let’s Talk About it – Luca Giordano (Blue CrawFish Records 2021) Italian guitarist/singer/songwriter Luca Giordano’s 3rd album “Let’s Talk About It” will be released by the Brazilian label BLUE CRAWFISH RECORDS on February 8, 2021. A collection of personal stories and feelings, the album was produced and mixed by Fabio Colella at SASHA STUDIOS (Trasacco Italy) and includes 11 songs; 8 originals by Luca Giordano as well as songs written by […]

Let’s Talk About It – New Album Release Out on ...

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Ill be very happy to be guest for my friend and awesome guitar player Mr Martin Burguez on 8th and 9th March 2019. Born in Uruguay, and resident in Argentina, Martin Burguez is an amazing blues guitar man with many influences around the jazz and swing world, and I had […]

Martin Burguez in Italy