Somebody is working on my next album horns arrangements… The one and only Mr Sax Gordon will be featuring 4 songs on my upcoming CD… I learnt so much over the years working with Gordon, on and off stage… And much more I would love to learn!! I’m a lucky […]

Upcoming CD…

Soul Bag
Soul Bag, in their latest issue interviewed me about BLM and George Floyd. I said this is a major turning point in our history reverberated around the world. On my new record “Sci-Fi Blues” I deal with all that is happening today. We are going through a surreal time and […]

Soul Bag interview MMR

Voilà! Two of Griot Blues tracks, “The Blues Went To Africa” and “Shake ‘Em Up Charlie” is on FIP Blues and Reggae compilations La Discothèque Idéale! The vinyls are out of the factory and ready for distribution today. ONE ROOT MUSIC!

La Discothèque Idéale

January 2020 Russia 30th - Moscow 31th - Moscow   February 2020 Russia 1th - Kaliningrad 2th - Moscow 4th - Novosibirsk 5th - Tomsk 6th - Novokuznetsk 7th - Kemerovo 8th - Barnaul 9th - Sochi 11th - Kirov 12th - Koryazhma 13th - Arkhangelsk 14th - Ekaterinburg 15th […]

2020 Shows

Meet me on the road!!!upcoming shows!6/17 - Rio de Janeiro BRA with Alamo Leal BRASIL6/20 - Rio de Janeiro BRA with Alamo Leal BRASIL7/14 – Toucy Jazz festival with Mighty Mo Rodgers FRANCE7/15 – Léaz – Festival Jazz In Fort l'Écluse with Mighty Mo Rodgers FRANCE7/16 – Le Teich – […]

Luca Giordano | Summer 2017